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Understanding Beerbelly.....

We are slightly different to other businesses in terms of the way we operate, in that there are a couple of things that you should understand and agree to before ordering from us.

A lot of the stainless equipment on this site is made by the owner right here at Beerbelly, including all frames, modifications to vessels and our beerbelly falsie and hopscreen for example. Each of these items is crafted from start to finish by hand by the same person, and is a 'one of a kind', and each will have very minor cosmetic differences individual to each piece, that we do not consider to be manufacturing faults. Every one will have been through the same careful step by step process, checked for faults at each step. You can't buy many things these days that have been made this way, consequently we will guarantee our handcrafted items for 12 months from date of purchase. 30 days faulty workmanship warranty on any other items we sell, subject to the limitations of the Fair Trading Act or other restrictions placed by the manufacturer of the goods.
Before placing an order with us, please take the time to read our terms and conditions of trade listed below - as we are an un-usual business and because of the work we undertake we operate in some ways that you may not be used to. By placing an order with us, you are deemed to have read and agreed to the terms below - if you wish to clarify these terms, please do so prior to ordering.

Understanding #1 - Is Beerbelly a big business?
Simple answer - no. We are not an 'off the shelf', 24/7 online warehouse business or corporate entity with someone 'waiting for your call and email' - we are a 2 person, husband and wife team, with a young family. We love what we do, and we do our best to try and keep everything running smoothly and everybody happy. It's in our interests to look after you and we know it! - but we are human (well, Amanda is anyway...) and we can only do so much at once. We can't always pick up the phone when you call or answer your email in minutes....but please have patience. We'd rather answer your enquiry ourselves, than have someone in Sri Lanka or Mumbai do it for us.
Put it this way - would you rather have your call answered by someone you have to spell 'mash-tun' to...or would you rather speak directly to someone who uses one every second weekend just like you do and knows just how good that malt smells when you dough in? It also has that small advantage of not having to waste money on wages so we can bring you lower prices than many of our competitors...

Understanding #2 - The Realities of a Fabrication Workshop
In the workshop, I work on a 'first in, first' out queuing basis. Your order may be bumped up the queue by me if I can do so without dis-advantaging those who were in the queue before you. No amount of cajoling, bribing with beer/ money/otherwise or tantrums will change this. (No amount of beer will change this......really)
Please respect the fact that everyone in the queue is waiting just like you are, and be patient - I will get it done.

Please note also that while I do not expect you watch the weather forecasts for South Australia, please be aware that sometimes in SA during the summer (Dec/Jan/Feb) the weather here can be un-reasonably hot and make workshop progress hot, slow and sometimes even unsafe & impossible. Work in the fabrication side of things may stop temporarily once the mercury hits 40 degrees plus. Often I will work in the early morning/evenings instead to compensate during these hot periods, but occasionally this is not possible. The important thing to remember is that I make very little progress after I cut my fingers off because I am hallucinating due to heat stress and dehydration :p On the up side, there is no such delay during the winter....

Understanding #3 - Custom Work

Sometimes due to the complexity of some custom work (and some standard work), it is not possible to estimate a time-frame with any real accuracy. If this is likely to be the case with your order, you will be made aware of this before your order is accepted. I will do my best to complete your order as quickly as possible, but all custom work - particularly work on customer owned equipment is undertaken on a best effort, all care taken, no responsibility accepted basis. If the risk involved is considered too great and it is not believed a good outcome is likely, the job will not generally be accepted unless you specifically request for it to go ahead anyway at your risk and your risk alone.

Understanding #4 Order Delays

As mentioned, we are a very small business with only 2 people, and at times there are delays in completion of orders that are un-avoidable due to illness, supplier issues or other things that are beyond our control. If you are becoming concerned about the amount of time your order will take/is taking, please make us aware of this, as it is taken for granted by us that you are aware that we (at times) have a large amount of work in the queue and you may be waiting some time for your turn in the queue to come up. Rest assured, the wait time is directly related to the queue, and the amount of care and pride we take in our products, and not because we are taking our time for the sake of it. If you wait until you are upset to ring/email and 'blast' us - it is difficult to do much to resolve the issue at that point, and that doesn't help any of us make beer.

Understanding #5 - Cancellation of Orders by Beerbelly

Although the cancellation of any order is very unusual and regretable - we do reserve the right to cancel any and/or all orders made by or in progress for any individual or organisation for any reason, as necessary, and without penalty.

Normally we would only find it necessary to cancel an order if we are unable to complete the order as requested for one reason or another (ie: cannot source items required to fill order). In these cases if we are the party cancelling the order, we will provide a complete or partial refund of any monies paid by the customer as appropriate in the circumstances (ie: part of order cannot be completed), or with the customers agreement, credit towards other items or work to be completed to the dollar value outstanding.

Sometimes it may be necessary to cancel an order for other reasons, and in extreme cases if it is believed that -

a) a customer is being/has become un-reasonable in their expectations with respect to time-frame or otherwise for their order to be completed, or
b) the projected completion timeframe becomes un-acceptable to us and/or the customer due to circumstances beyond our control & it is believed that conflict will result, or
c) we are unable to complete the order to either our or the customer's satisfaction in terms of acceptable finished result.

- the order may be cancelled by us in order to prevent further conflict or delay & allow the customer to have the order completed elsewhere. Be aware that unless specific arrangememts are made to the contrary at the time of the confirmation of order and payment of deposit, no penalty of any form, monetary or otherwise is implied in any way or will be accepted by Beerbelly Brewing Equipment or it's owners or staff in these circumstances.

Understanding # 6

Any abuse or innappropriate behaviour of any kind towards any staff member or customers will result in immediate cancellation of any outstanding orders a customer may have and a standing refusal to accept any order from that customer in the future. No correspondence will be entered into if this is the case.


We have a pretty simple approach to privacy with your details. We keep them to ourselves and won't share them with anyone!

Beerbelly Brewing Equipment does not retain any credit card details provided to us beyond completion of the sale other than what is required by law or necessary to prevent fraud.
All credit card payments at the shop are processed through our Commonwealth Bank EFTPOS terminal here at the Beerbelly Premises, transactions via the website are processed by our secure cart via the Commonwealth Bank gateway (look for the 'https:' at the beginning of the address on any cart or account page). Any EFTPOS or credit card transactions processed through the shop should show on your statement as 'Beerbelly Brewing Equipment, Prospect'.

Any account, delivery or invoicing information provided by you the customer is used only for purposes of your transaction, and is not made available to any other person or organisation that is not involved in this process (ie: anyone other than Beerbelly Staff and the courier or postal service used for your order) We do not otherwise sell, rent or share in any way, any information whatsoever about our customers with anyone, including non-identifying information or data in any form. This website collects information in the form of information you provide when you sign up for the account, and other data such as the wishlist or product comparisons facilities. You can check or edit this information at any time by logging into your account. 
Please feel free to email us at "sales at" (replace 'at' with '@') if you still have any concerns about privacy or any other retail enquiry
. If you are having technical difficulties with the website, please send your email
to "issues at" (replace 'at' with '@')

Otherwise, we wish you a pleasant shopping experience, and happy brewing!


Wayne and Amanda - Owners (and the faces you will see in the shop :) )

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